Maintenance of iron homeostasis is critical to cellular health while both

Maintenance of iron homeostasis is critical to cellular health while both its extra and insufficiency are detrimental. involved. and in which iron-induced toxicity was correlated order AR-C69931 with increased synthesis of sphingolipids [55]. More recently, this finding has been prolonged to and and animal studies, as well as with vitro studies, novel inhibitors could be designed that may be utilized to treat individuals with neurological diseases explained herein. Acknowledgments We kindly say Tmem14a thanks to the assistance of Nicole Schneider (Division of Cell Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology, University or college of South Florida, Tampa, Florida) in the development of the review. We regret not having cited all content articles relevant to this topic within this review due to space limitations. Author Contributions M.N. (related author) conceived the overall content and developed the self-employed topics for this review. M.N. and order AR-C69931 S.R. performed PubMed literature searches and co-wrote the 1st draft of this review. R.C., M.R., N.R., R.B. contributed to literature review and writing specific aspects of the topics for this article. R.C., S.R., and M.N. generated Figure 1. All authors critically examined and authorized the manuscript for final submission. Funding We gratefully acknowledge funding to support this work provided by NCI R21 CA178468-01A1 granted to order AR-C69931 Meera Nanjundan. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no discord of interest..